9. June 2011, Thursday

21:00 Opening

Daniel Herrmann (director of Werkleitz Gesellschaft e.V.)

Eike (media artist, co-curator of the filmprogramme)

21:15 Opening movie
Introduction to the opening movie by Krisztina Tajta (filmcritic and manager at the Hungarian National Audiovisuelle Archiv (NAVA))

Photography – Pál Zolnay, 1972 HU, 80 min, gST (35mm)
Pál Zolnay didn’t use a traditional screenplay, during the shooting of the movie. Most of the scenes were improvised on-site. Two actors wandered from house to house in the countryside in the roles of the photographer (Márk Zala) and the retoucher business man (István Iglódi) offering their photographic services to the people. The movie, which has been called „the Hungarian Blow Up” many times, won the special prize of the jury of the Moscow International Film Festival.

10. JunE 2011, Friday

21:00 Screening and afterwards artist’s discussion

Common Sense / Gesunder Menschenverstand

What enables layman, not only to perceive art as such, but also to speak about it? The boundaries of our perception are close to our possibilities of expressing ourselves through language. Finally all that is dependent on the agreement on the use and sense of art and on the individual and common preferences and prejudices influencing the process of art reception.

Introduction to the programme: Virág Bottlik
Air – Florian Graf und Fabrizio Fracassi, CH/DE 2010, 7 min, eO
The Man Who Was Everywhere II. – Laurence Payot und Juan Morard, FR 2010, 6 min, eST
Kunst und Gesellschaft im Dialog I – III – Sebastian Blank, DE 2008/2009, 14 min
FTTSZT (s.r.a.w. rats) – Dávid Adamkó, HU 2009, 7 min, eST
Bukarest 1992 – Adrian Alecu, RO 2002, 6 min, gST
Kunstdefinitionen – Yuri A, CH 2004, 5 min, gO


22.20 Screening

Path to follow / Der Weg, dem man folgt

We understand the world through narratives. We start somewhere to speak about our experiences and sometime we stop. In doing so, we arrange our world according to a sense of dramaturgy. The differences between our experiences and the way we transform them into narratives match the patterns of our thinking.

Introduction to the programme: Virág Bottlik
Traces of an Elephant – Vanessa Nica Mueller, 2011 DE, 27 min, eO, gST
Johnny's video – DOPLGENGER (Isidora Ilic & Bosko Prostran), 2006 SRB, 2 min, eO
Glebs Film – Christian Hornung, 2009 DE, 27 min, gO

11. JunE 2011, Saturday

21:00 Screening and afterwards artist’s discussion

Me? / Ich?

The title could also be emphasized with an exclamation mark, because the programme asks for self reflection. However, the question of the (artistic) Me mostly generates a thoughtful search, no matter how humourous or experimental it might be. The question of the self enables the spectator not merely to be a voyeur.

Introduction to the programme: Eike
What Do You Think Of Me? –  Kika Nicolela, 2009 BR, 16 min, eST
Dresden Hand – Neno Belchev, 2010 BG, 8 min, eST
Maria – Eszter Szabó, 2010 HU, 2 min, eST
Lecture (Contemporary Art for Parents) – Vesna Bukovec, 2002 SLO, 8 min, eST
Film about Unknown Artist –  Laura Garbštiene, 2009 LT, 11 min, eO


22:20 Screening

Delusion / Täuschung

Delusion is one of the most fascinating possiblilities of electronic media. At the same time it is a basic human need. Result of this combination is the captivation of deceptive moving pictures. The roots of the useing delusion reach back to early times shadow plays, fictive travelogues or even the camouflage in the jungle.

Introduction to the programme: Eike
Linie – Johanna Reich, 2009 DE, 2 min
Spin – Janne Höltermann, 2010 DE, 3 min
TheLoop – Jeroen Nelemans, 2010 NL, 5 min
Post Global Warming Survival Kit – Petko Dourmana, 2009 BG, 5 min, eO
This art piece was seeking my reflection – Urssa Severa, 2011 RU, 3 min
Revision – Julia Willms, 2007 DE, 6 min
Are You Looking At Me? – Anne Hartog, 2010 NL, 10 min, eST
Dew Point – Dorota Buczkowska, 2005 PL, 4 min
Schwarzes Loch – Johanna Reich, 2009 DE, 2 min

12. JunE 2011, Sonday

21:00 Screening and afterwards artist’s discussion

Uneasiness (Spectacle) / Unbehagen (Spektakel)

In the centre of this programme are the moments of encounter between the viewer and the artwork, the spectacle. The viewer starts to feel uncomfortable, when he is faced directly with his own perception and understanding.

Introduction to the programme: Radmila Joksimovic
Prologue – Inez de Coo, 2010 NL, 5 min, eO
Talk Show – Malthe Stigaard, 2010 DK, 12 min, gST
Cold Milk – Hanna Haaslahti, 2010 FI, 6 min, eO
fiction is over – Marta Azparren, 2010 ES, 5 min, eST
Installation – Vladimir Nikolic, 2009 SRB, 11 min, eO


22:15 Screening

Uneasiness (Institution) / Unbehagen (Institution)

These movies interweave the roles of the spectator, the participant, the artist and the performer with each other. The videos are about the possibilities of speech, within and out of institutions or institutional relations. What is normal? What is expected? Is it possible to speak beyond conventions?

Introduction to the programme: Radmila Joksimovic
untitled – Hacer Kiroglu, 2007 TR, 2 min
Dualität – Jirí Janda, 1999 CZ, 9 min
Cultural Guide – Déborah Ghisu, 2009 FR, 10 min
Escalating perception / the gaze – Christian Niccoli, 2004 IT, 8 min, gO, eST
Noise – Zoran Todorovic, 1998 SRB, 23 min, eST



Subject to alterations.



gO • German original version
eO • English original version
eST • English subtitles
gST • German subtitles


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